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Description of Gramatica


During the Gothic Era,  light acquired a new symbolism: it represented the idea of Perfection and Beauty. This divine connotation, pure and immaterial as the light itself, tried to elevate  believers to the celestial omnipresence. As a consequence, God filled all the sacred space of the cathedral by the light coming  through the stained-glass windows, which had at the same time, the role of creating “invisible walls” in the church, and being the holder of the iconography.

Liberal arts were the base of Medieval culture, and so it is represented in this picture window named Gramatica. In it, a lady wearing a biretta and a green cape, is dictating to the monk who is writing with both hands at the same time as an expression of concordance. This remarkable stained-glass window is  placed in the ensemble called The Hunt, one of the oldest in León’s cathedral.