Watercolor, unframed


Description of Stained-glass window, Vegetal decoration

Vegetal decoration Stained-glass Window

The gothic cathedral was one of the most impressive fashions of building the Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth. The City of God found its own representation and meaning in each corner of the cathedral. This way, the stained-glass windows’ central themes followed a strict hierarchical order: in the upper level, the deities; in the middle level, we find the noblemen, clergy, and probably an allusion to the towns and councils that had an important role in the cathedral construction. Finally, and in the lower level, we find the earthy elements such as trees, grapevines, vines and also animals.

In this reproduction of a stained-glass window in León´s cathedral (Spain), we see the lower level of the hierarchical order: the painting shows vegetal decoration, and it is based on the original one.