Hello and welcome to my website!

Having been born and grown up in Spain and obtaining a M.A. in History of the Art, I have always felt attracted to different forms of Art. Creativity, harmony, elegance, organic shapes, vibrant colors and symmetry are only some of the principles that I admire in plastic arts.

History has offered us an endless number of artistic pieces where we can attentively read all that those lines hide. And it is precisely the chapter of the Middle Ages period that I am more passionate about and where we can observe a captivating sequence of historic events, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the rise of the Renaissance, that has its reflection in art. Architectonic constructions such as cathedrals, columns and their bases and capitals, gables, stained-glass windows, exquisitely illuminated codex, sculptures and paintings are only some of the holders that harbored the impressive artistic production during the Medieval times.

In this website, you can enjoy some artwork centered in stained-glass windows, architectonic details, or the Carolingian calligraphy which implied a true revolution at the time by unifying the way of writing and making calligraphy much more legible during the reign of Charlemagne.  All my production is handcrafted from scratch until the final result; I do not use prints, only blank papers, my skills and my love for Art. Regarding materials, I use watercolor, markers, ink and pencils on specific types of paper (for charcoal, for watercolor etc). The sizes may vary depending on your taste and need, so please do not hesitate to ask me about it. Also, if you are interested in a specific content either for a painting, or a bookmark, or even you need a given number of items (like in the case of place cards or greeting cards), I will be more than pleased to discuss it with you and accomplish it.

My inspiration comes from the art I was surrounded by all my life: the magnificent art production that Spain has developed during centuries and, mainly, its Medieval art.

I really hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I do creating it.